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Jimena (5º Bukkake) y Silvana "¡19 cuajadas para ella solita!"

PuL_BUK_Jimena_19cuaj.wmv_snapshot_07.50_2014.03.20_20.03.39Год производства:2014 г.
В ролях: Jimena,Silvana
Ozito y el profesor comentan los Goyas, no pueden creerse que el cine español sea tan mierdoso... Es por eso por lo que el profesor se plantea presentarse a un casting para ser actor. Una cosa lleva a la otra y al final terminan bukkakeando a una hembra muy cochina, ¡la diosa Jimena! La acompaña Silvana para pajear a los sementales, dos bellezas con unos culazos alucinantes. No te la pierdas, la teen es muy sensual comiendo rabos y tragándose los lechotes. ¡Le encanta la lefa!

10 Man Cum Slam 25

10-Man-Cum-Slam-25CREEP SHOW Any normal girl would have run away as fast as possible from the creeps in this movie. But these are porn girls. Like magic crusaders, they seem immune to the repulsive power of these ghouls. They just slurp their troll cocks and swallow their putrid sperm like it's another day at the beach. You gotta wonder if swallowing the millions of miniature mopes contained in their semen transforms these girls in any way? Makes them creepy chicks? Pal, you're welcome to take one of these gals on a date and find out!

10 Man Cum Slam #24

10-Man-Cum-Slam-24THANK YOU FOR CUMMING! The girls really appreciate it. Rene Jordan loves to wear a "nut blindfold" across her eyes while she sucks the filthy pricks of men it's better not to see anyway. Michelle Avanti loves when a guy starts fucking her during what was billed as just a blowbang, and makes her squirt anyway. Paige Taylor loves the fact that someone as beautiful as herself, who easily could have been a mainstream model, instead spends her days draining the sperm from illiterate men who gladly would have paid to see her in a magazine layout. Thank you all for buying these movies and making all this possible!

10 Man Cum Slam #23

10-Man-Cum-Slam-23It doesn't really matter what nicknames you give it, sperm is sperm. And 10 big loads is a lot to swallow, no matter how "sweet" a guy tries to make it with pineapple juice. But some girls can't get enough. Like Kiara. What a cum hog! Not only does she slurp down each load like it's a creamy milkshake, she also squeezes each cock to get out those last, precious drops. Mmm-mmm! On the other hand you have Brooklyn, who treats cum like castor oil. Why did she ever volunteer for this shoot? She barely chokes down the last few loads. (shrug) Porn girls do the craziest things!

10 Man Cum Slam #22: Sucking, Fucking & Squirting

10-Man-Cum-Slam-22Ordinarily each scene is just a blowbang, meaning just sucking. But Tamra Toryn is such a natural born whore that she couldn’t resist letting one guy slip it in her pussy. Of course that opened the floodgates, and soon all the guys were taking turns hitting that open twat before busting nuts in her mouth. Meanwhile, SinDee didn’t let the guys fuck her, but she did let them jerk her clit while she was sucking. And jerk it, and jerk it… until she squirted all over everyone! To make it even more special, she swallowed a bonus 11th load. What great gals!

10 Man Cum Slam #21

10-Man-Cum-Slam-21KISSY ME, I JUST SWALLOWED 10 LOADS! Kissy is the classic blonde girl next door. She’s soft spoken and shy, does her homework and doesn’t stay out late. Then one day she meets a svengali, a smooth talker who convinces her that nobody will ever love her except Him. And if she wants to prove her love to Him, she needs to suck the hard cocks of 10 strangers and swallow every drop of their sperm. (Which can be gallons, since these mooks save it for days.) He collects the paycheck, and she collects just enough self-worth to carry over to the next foul thing He asks of her. In porn we call that the “circle of life.” Hallelujah!
Подробнее... / Jade's 1st Gloryhole Visit

jade.first.visit.mp4It's been awhile since we had cum hungry MILF at the Gloryhole and I have one that can't get enough cock. She would stay on a cock long after it unloaded in her mouth and to be honest, I can't figure out how some of those guys could stand there and let her continue to milk them the way she did after they blew their loads in her mouth. That leads me to the next topic of discussion, her mouth. One look at that mouth and you know she can suck a mean dick, you guys know the kind I'm talking about.
For those of you who have been requesting it, I got a great upshot angle of her sucking a cock and when he knocked on the wall she went "mouth only" as it was unloading and you could see the cock juice pumping through the tube and into her mouth as she moaned. She loved every drop of cum and she's waiting eagerly for your approval to have another Gloryhole visit.
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